The Ninth Wave

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  • Most of Aivazovsky’s work was seascapes. The Ninth Wave is considered as the artist’s masterpiece.
  • Man’s struggle against nature is a recurring theme in Aivazovsky’s works. Despite the tragic scene in this painting, the Aivanovsky managed to show the beauty of nature to its audience.
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More about The Ninth Wave
The Ninth Wave refers to a nautical tradition that waves grow larger in a series up to the largest wave, the ninth wave. The painting depicts a large wave threatening to engulf five people hanging on to a debris of a wrecked ship. The warm tones of the sky reduces the overtones of the sea which makes it seem less menacing. The painting is now at the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

Is this a painting or a print?
This is a 100% handmade oil painting, painted by an experienced artist. Every painting that comes out of our studio is a genuine masterpiece and each stroke, texture and nuance is created by hand in the same way the original paintings were created. We use NO printing, pressing or technological techniques to create our paintings.