American Gothic

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Popular cultural icon and, frankly, a hugely entertaining painting.
It won a prize at the Art Institute of Chicago, was bought by the museum, and still hangs there today
There is a lot of symbolism in the painting, from the hayfork to the expressions to the plants on the porch (a geranium and a “mother-in-law’s tongue”)

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More about American Gothic
A snap shot of Americana, the figures in the painting are actually Grant Wood’s sister and dentist. They never actually posed together or in front of the house, which had been sketched at a different time by the artist who’d been taken by its gothic style.

The painting draws heavily from earlier photography, where subjects would stand in front of their homes for a photograph done by a traveling photographer. The technology of the time required long exposures, which is why smiles were rare, and the painting reflects this with the dour expressions.

Every element of the painting appears to have been carefully considered and chosen, leaving lots of food for though. More about the painting can be seen at the museum’s page:

The house website:

One of the many parodies:

American Gothic Parody

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