A Mermaid

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  • Waterhouse was supposed to submit this to the Royal Academy as his diploma work but it was not completed in time. A critic named Anthony Hobson remarked that this was his “most delicate conceptions, and understandably he had lingered long in bringing it to perfection.”
  • A Mermaid is unique compared to the other works of Waterhouse. Most of his works paint specific scenes from literature or mythology while A Mermaid is derived from imagination.
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More about A Mermaid
John William Waterhouse was an English painter dubbed as “the Modern Pre-Raphaelite”. He is known for his depictions of women from Greek mythology and Arthurian legend. In this paiting, he depicts a beautiful mermaid combing her hair while she looks off into the distance. Critics at the Royal Academy Art Journal took note of the wistful, sad look on the mermaid’s face. The painting is currently at the Royal Academy of Arts in England.

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