Hotel Art: Why hotels hang paintings (and why you should too)

Venetian Macau

Hotel Art: Why hotels hang paintings (and why you should too)

Most people would think that hotels display paintings just to decorate the rooms and lobbies but art serves a greater purpose than just being mere fixtures. People don’t normally choose where to stay by the art that hangs on the walls but the art certainly helps to make their stay memorable. There are a variety of reasons for hotels to display paintings and these reasons are also applicable to homeowners as well.

Capture the look and feel of a particular place or era
Many hotels have different themed rooms that cater to the different tastes of their guests and some unique hotels even have a theme for the entire establishment. Themes could make your living space more fun and it would depend on the kind of paintings you display on the walls of the room. A painting of horses or western landscapes could enhance the ambiance of a western themed room. Abstract art and other styles of modern art would be appropriate for more modern themes. You can decorate the rooms of your house to capture the vibe of places that you miss or places that you’d like to visit.

Playadulce Hotel in Almeria
Wild West family theme room at the Playadulce Hotel in Almeria, Spain
Van Gogh Sunflowers in a room
Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in a room at the WestCord Art Hotel Amsterdam, an art themed hotel

Patronizing local or favorite artists
Hotels sometimes offer to display the art of local artists in their lobbies or rooms to provide exposure for the artists. The paintings would sometimes be offered for sale and the hotel would even refer the guests to the artist or gallery if they are interested in other works. Buying a work of art from your favorite artist and hanging it on the walls of your own home can also be a good form of exposure for the artist, especially if your frequent visitors are also art lovers.

Omni Dallas Hotel
The paintings displayed in the rooms of the Omni Dallas Hotel are also for sale


Establish a unique identity
Art is now becoming important in reinforcing the brands of hotels. These establishments used to purchase decorative art from manufacturing companies who supply art in bulk but more and more of them are looking for artwork that would make their property unique (we often create custom art for hotel projects, including for the world-famous Venetian). The paintings they choose to display will tell an interesting narrative about the hotel and it creates a strong impression upon its guests. Likewise, the art you choose for the rooms in your house will represent your unique personality and taste.

To be the talk of the town
Hotels use art to attract the attention of the guests. Many hotels are of a standard design, and the choice of art gives a chance to really stand out from the competition. If the pieces displayed on the walls of the hotel are captivating, a different impression is given.

Genuine love for art
Some hotel magnates just really love art and willingly pay the price to acquire the pieces that grab their attention. These pieces sometimes adorn the property of these moguls to show off their prized collection. If you love art for its own sake, your own collection need not be expensive. You can purchase artwork from local emerging artists or just buy good reproductions of your favorite paintings.

Hotel and casino magnate Steve Wynn
Hotel and casino magnate Steve Wynn with Picasso’s La Reve


Venetian Macau
Some of our art at the world-renowned Ventian


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