Monthly Archives - June 2016

Commissioning a Portrait – old way vs new way

In the past, portraits were commissioned to preserve the memory of a loved one or an esteemed individual. The people who were able to commission portraits were mostly members of the aristocracy. Today, the function of portraits remains the same but more people are able to afford it. For an artist, the human form can be a difficult subject to paint so portraits can take considerable time and effort. All that time and effort could be wasted if the client...

Hotel Art: Why hotels hang paintings (and why you should too)

Most people would think that hotels display paintings just to decorate the rooms and lobbies but art serves a greater purpose than just being mere fixtures. People don't normally choose where to stay by the art that hangs on the walls but the art certainly helps to make their stay memorable. There are a variety of reasons for hotels to display paintings and these reasons are also applicable to homeowners as well. Capture the look and feel of a particular place...

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