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Choosing a painting- So you want to give someone a painting…

Choosing a painting to give as a gift can be difficult. A painting can be a great gift to your friends or loved ones. Whether they are avid art enthusiasts or they just look at art casually, the painting that you give them could become the treasure that they would cherish for a lifetime. However, your gift could end up gathering dust in the attic if you make the wrong assumptions about the recipient. Here are a few considerations [...]

Mona Lisa copies

Why should you buy a portrait of someone you don’t know?

Portraits were usually commissioned as a remembrance of the subject or as a part of family records. In the past, portraits were treated as a status symbol for the aristocracy. It became a medium for displaying their wealth, power and influence. Many of these portraits are now displayed in museums or kept in the private collections of other wealthy individuals. Numerous portraits painted by prominent artists are now widely reproduced and being offered for sale; certainly, paintings such as [...]

Uptown Art Fair

Starting Your Own Art Collection

It is easy enough to just buy the kind of artwork that catches your eye but building a collection is a different matter. It takes some skill and effort to build a meaningful and impressive art collection. Great collectors are respected for their exquisite taste and their talent in choosing and organizing their art. Collecting art does not necessarily have to be expensive but it can be a long term – and fun – hobby. Art is more accessible [...]


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