The Artists

The Team

We’re proud of our artistic team here. From the early days where there were just three of us, to today where we have over 30 artists in house and more available for large projects, we’ve always followed the principle that only by recruiting the best talent can one get the best results.

Those same three artists are still here, by the way. That’s because we make sure team members are valued, given the best environment and materials, and respected. The result is that they rarely leave, with a few notable exceptions where the artist has gotten their big break and gone onto better things!

The average artist is either a college graduate in art, or has served an apprenticeship with a recognized master artist. Most of the team members are aspiring artists, supporting themselves through working here whilst continuing to develop their own portfolios. All of us have a minimum of 15 years painting professionally.

The majority of us work out of our Asian studios, although we do have some individual artists in the US and Europe as well.

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