Recently Painted

Recently Painted

Markos Botsaris by Jean Leon Gerome

Markos Botsaris
Markos Botsaris

The photo distorts the colors of the painting a bit here – notice the white borders have a blue tinge – but the detail of the painting is clear. We later framed this piece prior to sending to the customer in California, who wrote “Because this painting is very nice, I am thinking of ordering more paintings in the future”. Jean Leon Gerome’s “Markos Botsaris”, painted in 1874.

Our version is 18 by 23 inches.

The Bathroom by Fernando Botero

Botero The Bathroom
Fernando Botero - The Bathroom

Fernando Botero’s “The Bathroom” is a classic and full of personality. This 24 by 29 inch painting was delivered to Pennsylvania in early March 2016.

Modestie by William Bouguereau

Modestie by William Bouguereau
William Bouguereau - Modestie

William Bouguereau’s “Modestie” was recreated in 24 by 39 inches and delivered to Connecticut in February 2016. Bouguereaus are very hard to do as the subtlety of the facial expressions must be captured properly else the feel of the painting will be “off”.

Madame Pompadour by Francois Boucher

Madame Pompadour

“Madame Pompadour” by Francois Boucher, recreated in the size 18 by 24 inches by artist William and delivered in February 2016 to California.

Custom Painting by Company of Painters

custom painting elephant
Custom Elephant Painting

A custom painting for a client who was extremely patient and helpful with guiding the artist on the finer detail of the painting. The 16 by 20 inch oil on canvas work of art was delivered to the US in February 2016.

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