1. Can you do paintings that are not in your collection?
Absolutely. We do custom art on a daily basis, so if you want a painting that is not in our collection just let us know. Painting from photographs is also possible, so if you have a family photo you’d like recreated as a painting we can help.

2. Payment
We accept credit card and PayPal online, through our secure order page. Wholesale customers may be able to pay by wire transfer; please contact us for more details.

3. Delivery time
Most paintings need 2 weeks to be completed. A few days drying time is required as well, meaning you can expect to receive your painting around 3 weeks after ordering. Larger paintings or multiple orders may need more time. If you are in a hurry please let us know.

4. Packaging
Unless specifically stated, the painting will be sent rolled in a protective tube. Most of our customers prefer to get the painting stretched and framed local to them, due to the greater range of options and increasingly reasonable prices.

5. Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide at no additional cost. If the painting is advertised at $199, that is the “all in” cost and we don’t charge extra for shipping. (Please note there are a couple of countries in Europe – notably Italy and Turkey – where import duties charges may be levied. We have no control over this.)

6. What happens if the painting is damaged when I receive it? Or if the painting goes missing before it reaches me?
The short answer is, we’ll take care of it. When packages are delivered damaged we’ll need you to inform the courier (UPS / FedEx / DHL) at your end, so they can process the complaint. But, as far as your painting is concerned, if it was damaged beyond repair or lost in transit (both rare occurrences, thankfully), we’d immediately dispatch a replacement (or paint a new one for you if it was not one we had in stock).

7. What if I get the painting but decide I don’t like it?
As per our guarantee, if you are unhappy with the painting we will refund your money. If you receive the painting but are dissatisfied please contact us and tell us you wish to return the painting. We will then give you the right address (European office for European customers, US office for the rest of the world) and you can mail the package to us with your order number or name printed clearly on the outside of the package. As soon as we receive it, we’ll process the refund. Our current refund rate is below 2%.

NOTE: If returning a painting please take care to ensure it is well packaged.

8. Are they paintings or prints?
We don’t sell prints, only paintings, handmade in the traditional way by a real artist.

9. How much discount do I get as a wholesale buyer?
We offer discounts to interior designers and other professionals. The actual discount depends on the amount being bought and also on the quality level desired. High quality paintings (our standard) are naturally more expensive than the medium quality preferred by some large wholesalers. We are happy to work to your requirements. For more information please contact us.

10. Are the paintings stretched or framed?
Unless specifically stated, the painting will be sent rolled in a protective tube. Most of our customers prefer to get the painting stretched and framed local to them, due to the greater range of options and increasingly reasonable prices. We do offer a wide range of frames to wholesale customers.

11. When do we pay for the paintings?
Payment, except for certain bulk buyers, is made in full at the time of ordering. There are several reasons for this.

The first is that on occasion we are unable to accept a customer’s credit card for some reason, possibly due to bank error or the card failing security checks.
Before beginning work on a painting or sending a stock painting out we need to verify that the purchase will go through.

The second reason is that we are painting specifically for you, the customer. If you ordered a portrait, for example, but later didn’t have the funds available to pay, we’d be left out of pocket as a portrait from a photo is only going to be appealing to the person it was painted for.

Finally, please bear in mind that all online transactions (such as at Amazon.com for example) work in the same way, with payment being made at the time the order is placed. However, as always, any purchase with us is covered by a money back guarantee, so your money is never at risk.
NOTE: Credit cards are charged by Manor Abbey LLC.

12. Who are the artists?
The artists are all experienced, talented individuals, are graduates from university art programs or have apprenticed under a master artist. The average team member here has been with us 10+ years and has been painting professionally for 15+ years.

13. Where are you based?
We have offices in North America and Asia. Emails are responded to within 24 hours. If not, feel free to try again – it may have gone astray.

14. What is the biggest size you do?
Our listed standard sizes are only a guide and we can actually handle very large paintings. An early 2016 project measured over 20 feet (6 meters) in height.

Please contact us if you have any other questions (email is best).

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