Art For Business


Interior designers, retailers, galleries, photographers, and wholesalers number among our clients. We specialize in providing solutions to businesses that require art.

The paintings seen in our collection and those on our other sites still only represent a fraction of what we are able to do, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want a style or type of art you don’t see listed.


– Large volume orders of framed / unframed paintings for major projects

Example: 800 made-to-order paintings for a hotel project in California

– Individual custom orders

Example: many hundreds of different projects for designers and photographers; a recent (2016) 43-piece curated collection for a new home

– Creating unique works of art for special projects or product lines

Example: a series of custom made hand painted greeting cards for a European publisher; a series of 50 unique abstract oils on canvas for a Norwegian retailer

– Wide range of frames and pricing levels for wholesale customers

Example: Two air-shipped 25 framed painting orders to an expanding Swiss resort; 4 container loads of large framed oil paintings for the South American market

– Over 100,000 paintings of all types listed on our sites

Example: we offer art by thousands of different artists, from Rembrandt to Renoir, Van Gogh to Vermeer. 

In addition to high-quality oil paintings (reproductions and custom-made) we are able to provide paintings on prints, giclee prints, and very reasonably priced abstract art suitable for projects where a modern feel is required. Please contact us with your requirements.

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