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The Meaning of Colors

The Meaning of Colors

Colors and their possible effects in the home The Meaning of Colors Choosing colors can be intimidating especially when you’re selecting colors for a room. The choice might be driven by aesthetics, trends, or to reflect personality. Worth remembering, however, is how colors can affect moods. How do different colors affect us? The jury is out on this one, but here are some of the pointers we’ve found in our research: White White is associated with the air, snow and heaven. It can evoke [...]

Mona Lisas for TV

How to choose the right art for your space

Choosing the right paintings for your place can be difficult. Here are some tips. Decorating a room with art is a great way to express yourself to your guests. However, picking a painting for a particular room is not always easy. The color scheme, the size of the artwork, the room, and your taste in art are crucial to making the right choice. Here are some tips to help you pick the right artwork for your room. The Room While some interior [...]

Portrait photo
Professional Portrait of Beau

How To Take Great Portrait Photos

Cameras today have become more available and handy. People are now able to take pictures of anyone, anytime, and anyplace. Most of the pictures people take are snapshots and few are able to take great portrait photos. Portrait photographs are great for capturing the mood and character of a person. Portraits highlight the personality of the subject and make the person more intriguing. Here are some pointers you can use to take professional looking portraits. Composition Composition is simply a way [...]


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