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  • Between Rounds - Thomas Eakins

    Between Rounds

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    – Thomas Eakins is considered as one of the most important artists in American art history. He received little recognition in his lifetime but after his death American art historians considered him as “the strongest, most profound realist in nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century American art”.
    – Between Rounds was one of Eakins’ famous sports paintings. He attended prizefights and invited fighters to his studio to help him prepare for his paintings. He reportedly saw over 300 rounds of prizefighting before he began painting.

  • The Gross Clinic - Thomas Eakins

    The Gross Clinic

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    – The subject of this painting is Dr. Samuel Gross who was a world-famous surgeon at that time. In this painting, he is demonstrating a relatively new surgical procedure to treat bone infections.
    – The artwork was rejected by an art jury in Philadelphia possibly because it is too gory to be displayed in the art building.


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