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  • Boy with a Toy Soldier - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

    Boy with a Toy Soldier

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    – This portrait of an adorable boy with his toy will surely remind us of the young ones in the family who like holding on to their toys no matter what they do.
    – Renoir was dedicated to portraiture and figure painting. His penchant for portraiture attracted the attention of a range of patrons with avant-garde sensibilities. His patrons included wealthy people such as Eugene Murer, Madame Georges Charpentier, and Paul Bérard.

  • Dance at Bougival - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

    Dance at Bougival

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    – Renoir skillfully conveys a sense of movement in this painting. That feeling is only intensified by the pleasure depicted in the faces of the subjects.
    – The painting is considered as one of the most beloved works in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

  • In the Garden - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

    In the Garden

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    – Renoir is unique among the Impressionists because he preferred painting the human figure rather than landscapes. His outdoor scenes are among his most recognizable paintings.
    – It is believed that Renoir used only five colors in his palette during his early career. Although he changed and experimented throughout his career, vibrant colors became the defining characteristic of his works.

  • Luncheon of the Boating Party - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

    Luncheon of the Boating Party

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    It won the “best of show” award at the Seventh Impressionist Exhibition in 1882, the first time it was shown, and 130+ years later it is STILL recognized as being a great painting
    Still life, landscape and people all in one painting, done by one of the all-time greats no less
    The scene is a happy one…friends drinking and enjoying each other’s company. And the subjects are actually Renoir’s friends and future wife.

  • Two Sisters (On The Terrace) - Pierre Auguste Renoir

    Two Sisters (On The Terrace)

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    It is noted by critics to be a fine example of Impressionism. The way the artist handles the light, color and movement evokes the very essence of Impressionist art.
    Renoir had to postpone a trip to London to work on this painting. He wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and see the flowers that just started to bloom.


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