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  • A Bend In The Road - Paul Cezanne

    A Bend In The Road

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    Cézanne’s hometown of Provence was immortalized in his series of landscapes. The motif of a turning road also played an important role in Cézanne’s paintings.
    This painting is one of several works by Cézanne that exhibited the simplicity that inspired Cubism and abstract painting.

  • La Montagne Sainte-Victoire vue du bosquet du Château Noir - Paul Cézanne

    La Montagne Sainte-Victoire vue du bosquet du Château Noir

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    – SOLD FOR $100 MILLION to the State of Qatar in 2013 xyz The mountain is famous, the artist is famous, and if it’s good enough for the State of Qatar to spend a cool hundred million dollars on it, it’s good enough for you!
    – The 2013 was kept secret at first due to concern that the high price would result in more pressure on Detroit City to sell it’s other artworks to raise funds.

  • Rideau

    Rideau, Cruchon et Compotier

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    – SOLD FOR $60.5 MILLION (equivalent to $85.6 million in 2015) on May 10, 1999, the most expensive still life ever sold.
    – Cézanne’s still life paintings were accurate representations yet also emotionally expressive, a theme that would later lead to the creation of new styles of art.
    – Every home needs at least one food-themed still life. Why not the most expensive of them all? Plus, the food items shown are representative of the time…no soda, chocolate or junk food there!

  • Uncle Dominique The Lawyer - Paul Cézanne

    Uncle Dominique The Lawyer

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    – It is one of nine portraits of Cézanne’s maternal uncle, Dominique Aubert. Collect them all!
    – The painting is only one in the series that shows a sign of activity. In this painting, Uncle Dominique raises his finger as if to pontificate. Very lawyer-esque!


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