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  • A Mermaid - John William Waterhouse

    A Mermaid

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    • Waterhouse was supposed to submit this to the Royal Academy as his diploma work but it was not completed in time. A critic named Anthony Hobson remarked that this was his “most delicate conceptions, and understandably he had lingered long in bringing it to perfection.”
    • A Mermaid is unique compared to the other works of Waterhouse. Most of his works paint specific scenes from literature or mythology while A Mermaid is derived from imagination.
  • Apollo and Daphne - John William Waterhouse

    Apollo and Daphne

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    – Paintings of mythological themes are among the best works of John William Waterhouse. His interpretations of Greek and Roman legends are emotionally charged and filled with symbolism.
    – The story of Apollo and Daphne is a popular subject in art. The story was portrayed in many paintings as well as in a sculpture by Bernini.

  • Lamia - John William Waterhouse


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    – John William Waterhouse was known as the modern Pre-Raphaelite. He painted in the Pre-Raphaelite style decades after the breakup of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Although he is not as well-known as the earlier Pre-Raphaelite artists, his works are currently on display at several major British art galleries.
    – The mythology depicted in this painting can be a cautionary tale for young men who are easily enamored by beauty.
    – Lamia often appears in modern works of fiction, most notably in Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and Stardust.

  • The Lady of Shalot - John William Waterhouse

    The Lady of Shalot

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    This painting is one of John William Waterhouse’s most famous works. His use of realism and symbolism conveys the sense of sorrow in the painting.
    Both the poem and the painting make a lasting impression. Even if the viewers are unaware of the backstory of the painting, the sadness depicted in this painting is unmistakable.


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