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  • A Cotton Office in New Orleans - Edgar Degas

    A Cotton Office in New Orleans

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    – This is the artist’s first painting to be sold to an impressionist museum. He wanted to sell the painting to a British textile merchant but the decline in cotton prices made it impossible to make the sale.
    – While he only painted this artwork just to pass the time, this work marked a turning point in his career. This painting is one of the most admired works of Degas.

  • Ballet Rehearsal - Edgar Degas

    Ballet Rehearsal

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    The Ballet Rehearsal is one of many paintings that show Degas’ fascination with ballet. It is one of few paintings to depict ballerinas during a rehearsal.
    The painting gives the viewers a closer look at the careful preparation the dancers must undertake before a performance.

  • Dancer Taking a Bow - Edgar Degas

    Dancer Taking a Bow

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    – Degas is very skillful at depicting movement especially from a spectator’s point of view. He was mostly fascinated with dance which he portrayed by showing the dancer’s hard work, the boredom, and the common beauty behind the scenes.
    – The smile on the dancer’s face shows just how much she enjoyed performing. Let the pure joy emanating from the ballerina reach into your heart.

  • Portraits at the Stock Exchange - Edgar Degas

    Portraits at the Stock Exchange

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    – While most critics regard the scene depicted in the painting as dark, murky, shady and sketchy, the actual setting of the painting is the interior hall of Bourse which makes the transaction legitimate and conventional.
    – Being the son of a banker, Degas was familiar with the codes and customs of the people at the stock exchange. This painting reflects the artist’s views about the stock exchange in the late 19th century Paris.


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